About York Education Service Inc.

Conveniently located in the heart of Toronto North York downtown, York Education is a dedicated organization providing professional education service to people from around the world. Aiming to provide international students with North America education experience, York Education has always been providing education and career advice to help clients achieve their lifetime goals. Partnerships with world famous universities and intuitions have allowed us to offer wide range of programs suiting the situation and personality of clients. Our professional consultants are all passionate in guiding clients with years of experience studying wide range of school programs.

As our client, you will enjoy the following privileges:

  • Quality pledged by well established corporate brand name
  • A group of professionals with full range of expertise
  • A wide range of programs to choose from
  • Consultant from your country and speak your language
  • Use of Standardized Corporate Retainer Agreement

Business Partner

Eastsun Emmigration

(China Case Processing & Consulting Center)

Eastsun originated in 1993 with only 4 staff in Hamilton, Canada has developed in Canada, United States, Hong Kong and mainland China providing North America immigration and education services to hundreds of clients. York Education has been working with them for several years. All of their Canadian School Applications and cases were taken care of by us. We believe it is our mutual efforts make us successful today.

Mibe Education

Founded in year 2013, Mibe has been actively carried out professional services including language training, cooperative education, studying in China services and studying aboard services. It provides US, UK, Australian, Canadian, Spanish, Japanese, French, Korean and Singapore University application package. Among all, its Canadian University and school application packages are all takes care of by York Education.


Bi is legally registered by the Trade and Industry Bureau and provides professional investment and financial management and immigration services. With its immigration department, Study aboard Department and Overseas Investment Department, Bi is able to provide multiple and cross bond services to its clients.


Milson, specialized in studying abroad and immigration consulting services, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and has offices in Montreal, Toronto and Halifax. After successfully launching its first brance in China 2009, its business gradually expanded in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tangshan, Shijiazhuang, Xiangyang, Hulunbeier and other places. After cooperation with York Education, they have sent hundreds of students to top universities in North America.

Our Mission

01 Straightforward and transparent service charge.

02 Up-to-date information of schools and programs.

03 Well maintained relationship with public and private institutions.

2016 York Group Booklet

Our Top Consultants

Howard Wang
Lily Li
Tylor Miao
Prof. Lewis Fried
Catherine Liu
Koey Lan
Robbie Yang
Rodar Luo