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Overall, Canada is a welcoming country comparing to all the other developed countries. First of all, you will need to prepare your financial proof to convincing Visa officer that your kids have enough funds to live in Canada. Apart from that you will need to choose the school based on your kids’ interest. Talk to a consultant, we are confident to offer help.


York HR service is a part of York Group. With our excellent HR consultants, you will be clear about what your future career path will be. After one interview with our HR consultants, we will understand your qualifications, experience and personality better and use our connections and resources all over the Canada to land you a dream job. (Link to Study in Canada – Work experience)


First of all, you need to book an interview with our Education consultants. We will only be able to help you after we understand what you want, what you are interested in, and what your strength and so on. There are a lot of ranking on the internet. But unless you know which major or what field you want to choose, there are useless. One school maybe ranked top on Business School but ranked at the bottom in other field. York Education believes everyone deserves a better solution in education. (Link to Study in Canada – School list)


Parents want to send kids to North America for better education, but still worry about kids being all alone in a strange country. Well, online credits could solve this situation at ease. Students could easily try the North America Education environment and learn English Skills at the same time. Each course has credits which could be used when students want to apply for school transfer or university.