Colorado State University, Global Campus


Our Mission

CSU-Global Campus is committed to advancing student success in a global society, investing in human capital, expanding the state economy, and enhancing the quality of life for citizens in the state of Colorado and beyond by providing access to dynamic degree programs characterized by academic excellence, innovative delivery technologies, and strong stakeholder engagement.

Our Vision

CSU-Global Campus is the premier provider of innovative, higher learning opportunities for nontraditional students in Colorado and beyond.

Core Values

     • Mission Focused: We drive student success in a global society through education, services, and support.

     • Innovative Thinking: We identify solutions to facilitate student and CSU-Global success through nontraditional industry methods and progressive solutions that are -effective, efficient, and innovative.

     • Accountability: We are responsible for our own actions, for those of our department, and for our university as we strive to be amazing.

     • Collaboration: We don't just talk about teamwork; we exhibit it in the way that we interact, consult each other, resolve issues, and respect each other's contributions.

     • Learning and Growth: We are a learning organization that is always evolving and is committed to continual improvement.

     • Professionalism: We treat all others as we wish to be treated, and as we wish to be defined by others.

Any questions regarding immigration, working or studying issues in Canada / US and Visa application to other countries, please contact us directly at 1-888-888-5518.